Why Let Your Chinese Supplier Arrange Pre-Paid Freight

Are you considering importing goods from a foreign country such as China? Most inexperienced importers tend to let their supplier in China manage the shipping by arranging pre-paid freight which can end up quite a costly option.

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What is pre-paid freight?

Pre-paid freight is ocean or air freight charges that are paid at the port of loading or origin, these charges are billed to the importer in the exporters invoice. This payment is non-refundable even if your shipment fails to arrive at its requested destination. By choosing the option of pre-paid freight could also end up costing you 30-50 % more.

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How Can I Avoid Costly Shipping?

There are ways to avoid high costs when shipping goods from China for example, you can work with a freight forwarder from your home country such as Shipping Solutions. We will take full responsibility on your behalf and we provide fast custom clearance of all shipments entrusted to us ensuring timely delivery.


Why Should I Choose Shipping Solutions?

Our international shipping services are tailor-made to exceed your expectations, we have a specialist team that is extremely experienced in global forwarding procedures. We have established links to all the major terminals, airports and ports in the world. And we use state-of- the-art electronic transmission that is directly linked to customs clearance. Our team of experts at Shipping Solutions work around the clock to track each of our client’s shipments and to ensure a safe and timely delivery.


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If you are a first time importer we would advise you to contact us in advance prior to your shipment of goods. By doing this it will avoid unbudgeted expenses when the goods arrive at their destination.


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